How to apply

  • All applicants (for both schemes) need to complete an initial online application form, which is in two parts:
  1. Information about the Applicant [DF1] – Click To Download The PDF
  2. Information about the Project [DF2] – This is also the initial Project Scope for the Main Grant Scheme. Click To Download The PDF
  • Further information in greater depth will be required from applicants for the Main Grant Scheme should the Initial Project Scope be accepted [DF3] Click To Download The PDF

The Grants Board will review grant applications twice a year, usually in April and September

  • Grants are awarded by the Trustees, with recommendations made by the Grants Board
  • Applications can be submitted at any time, but decisions are normally taken after the half-yearly meetings of the Grants Board
  • All applicants will be informed as to the result of their application no later than ten working days following the Board meeting
  • The Grants Board will not be required to give their reasons for declining a grant application

Subsequent applications

  • Declined applications will not be carried forward to a subsequent Grants Board meeting
  • Declined applicants may have one further opportunity to re-present their case for funding by means of a new application
  • Successful applicants may not submit a further application in the same grant year