In November 2012, five years since its conception, the Daylesford Foundation embarked on a new path with the creation of a carefully structured Grants Programme.  We are proud of the achievements and partnerships that have been established over the first five years and it has given us a great insight into the opportunities and challenges facing the environment and society today; it gave us an idea of where the Foundation should try and focus our operations for the next five years.

We want to help new, exciting projects that are going to have a lasting legacy.  We want to make our grant awarding a simple exercise, and we want to share the stories of our projects – both successes and lessons learnt – with the wider community.  We consider it important that the entire sector knows and shares the good things that are going on, and try and forge these great achievements together to increase the momentum towards more sustainable food.

So here we are, with the new website, the new blog, the new application process, and reflections on projects from the past, to find the next generation of projects that will make a big difference to food, growing and the countryside.

Have a browse of the new website to find out more, and please do return as our project partners will be posting blogs to keep us updated on the impact that they are having on educating children and young people in these important areas.  We will regularly keep you updated on new projects and other news as it arrives.