As general guidance, the following criteria should be seen as a steer rather than absolute rules.  Please submit all forms electronically, according to the application process.

For both the Small Grant and Main Grant schemes, applications will be considered for:

  • part or full funding of projects
  • core costs and salaries that are directly related to the project only
  • a maximum lifetime of grant of three years

The Daylesford Foundation will favour applications which demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • projects within 50 miles of London, Oxford or Birmingham
  • projects aimed at end beneficiaries from cities/  those with limited access to countryside
  • methods for measuring impact, monitoring and evaluation incorporated into the project plan
  • the possibility of long-term & structural changes
  • a project area where there is compelling evidence of need

Who can apply:

  • the grant scheme is currently available for UK organisations and UK projects only
  • any UK registered charity is eligible to apply for grant support
  • grants are not normally made to individuals (unsolicited applications by individuals cannot be considered)
  • Daylesford Foundation will accept applications from charities in the process of formation.  These must be accompanied by a copy of the organisation’s governing document and written acknowledgement from the Charity Commission that an application for charity registration has been received

What we do not fund:

  • work already completed
  • individual applications for bursaries/ scholarships
  • sponsorship of activities to raise money (for example, fundraising for marathon runs)
  • no application will be considered if it involves individuals who have not reported on a prior award
  • projects with non-charitable aims: grants are made on the understanding that activities immediately associated with the grant are on a not-for-profit basis