Since 2007, the Daylesford Foundation has distributed over £415,000.  In summer 2012 we conducted a general strategy review aimed at defining and refining its work.  During this process we took on board the lessons learnt from early grants and have developed a focused framework for the future.

The Foundation is committed to investing £1,000,000 to a Grants Programme over the next three years in projects addressing the key areas of advancing knowledge, building awareness and nurturing talent in the spheres of food, growing and the countryside.

For 2012-2013, the Daylesford Foundation Grants Programme is operating two Grant Schemes:

  • Main Grant scheme
    • Projects with budgets greater than £10,000
    • Anticipated average award of £70,000 over the lifetime of the grant
    • There is a two level grant process, involving three application forms
  • Small Grant Scheme
    • Applications between £1,500 and £10,000
    • There is a single level grant process, involving two application forms