The groups have harvested the last of our parsnips this month, including these monsters! Students have been tidying the growing beds and spreading our beautiful homemade compost onto them for the worms to work into the ground ready for the new season’s  crops that we have started to plan.

Some of the winter salad leaves made it through the cold snap over the Christmas holidays and we are looking forward to continuing the harvest this week once we have secured orders from our now loyal customers!

With many perennial plants currently dormant at Ryton Organic Gardens, now is the perfect time of year for taking root cuttings and students have enjoyed learning how to propagate mint for making teas and cooking and also the organic wonder plant, Comfrey, an essential plant for all organic vegetable growers.

For groups who find the cold and wet weather challenging, sessions have included making up windowsill sow and grow pot kits. The kits include a bag of compost, growing instructions and tasty organic seeds for plants like Mustard and Haloon for microgreens and herbs like parsley and coriander.

Garden Organic is delighted to welcome students from North Warwickshire and Hinkley College to the Growing Enterprise Project this month.