The ‘Baby’s Taste Journey’ project is run by the Food Education Foundation in partnership with the National Childbirth Trust.  The project takes the significant scientific research on early taste development and eating patterns to provide UK parents and guardians from all social backgrounds with the knowledge and skill set to introduce a varied and healthy range of solid foods for six months to two year old babies and toddlers.

The centerpiece of the programme is a two-hour workshop, consisting of eight interactive elements in which the parents and guardians can learn more about the importance of introducing first solid foods to their children, share personal experiences, explore new tastes and put themselves in the position of their children. The rise in childhood obesity in the UK and the associated illnesses such as diabetes are increasingly putting a strain on society e.g. in the health sector. According to the NHS 17% of boys and 15% of girls (2 -15 years) were classed as obese in 2010, a rise of 11% and 12% respectively since 1995. As infant weight is a predictor of childhood obesity the critical time to intervene is in infancy. Obesity is strongly linked to negative food choices made by parents, which are influenced by a lack of food education and a disconnection from the food they eat. The aim of the project is to eventually decrease food-related illnesses such as obesity and diabetes through educating parents and guardians and leading them to make better food choices for their families and therefore enable the next generation to do the same and positively influence future food systems.

The Daylesford Foundation are supporting the training of NCT practitioners, who deliver the workshops to parents and guardians throughout the UK.