Tim Field

Grants Programme Director and Member of the Grants Board

From an early age, if it looked remotely edible Tim would try and eat it. Coupled with an unerring fascination for creepy crawlies, frogs, birds, and any farm animal and he was destined for a life in food and farming. During an Environmental & Behavioural Biology degree at the University of St Andrews he studied the complex interactions between humans and nature, which lead to a career as an Environmental Consultant.

Overseas project work has given Tim a global perspective on environmental issues; however it is the influence of agriculture and land use on the British landscape that has grasped his attention in recent years.  He now combines his passion with his work, developing the sustainable future of food with Daylesford, Daylesford Farm and the Daylesford Foundation.

In 2011 he began a Postgraduate Diploma in Rural Surveying at the University of Reading, enhancing skills in business appraisal and the ever evolving disciplines of land management.  With this comes a thorough understanding of how viable development must address all factors of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Tim recognises the invaluable role that practical experiences play in education, having previously taught children up to the age of 11, and more recently, all age groups at the Daylesford Farm School.  Furthermore, he acknowledges the fortune that a rural upbringing provided to his appreciation of the natural environment and our source of food.  It is Tim’s desire that no child should be deprived of knowledge on the most fundamental of life’s processes; seeding-growing-eating.